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JD Telecom

EX BT Telephone and Broadband Engineer

Telephone extensions and sockets fitted in Kent. Call John on 01795 583579


EX-BT Telephone Engineer in Kent

Welcome to JD Telecom. We are Telephone and Broadband Engineers based in Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey covering the county of Kent. Our purpose is to serve our customers in the best way we can, by providing a reliable efficient service in a much more flexible timescale than the major national telephone companies. We do this by being responsive to our customers needs, which ultimately will save you time and money.

We can normally accommodate your requests within the same week, unlike some companies who take weeks to make an appointment. Our prices too are very competitive. For instance, you will pay half of what BT would charge you for the same job. Check out BT's current price list using the link below. (opens in new window)

BT Price List

We provide telecommunications services to both business and residential customers, and unlike some companies we don't charge more to business customers. We can provide a new, or shift an existing extension for your home or business, and in the case of businesses provide and install a complete new telephone system for you. We specialise in Panasonic KX-TDA 15/30 systems, but through our network of contacts, we can help you with any telephone system.

Although we cover the county of Kent, we can through our network, arrange for work to be done across the UK.

Panasonic Small Business Telephone Systems. 

Call us now on 01795 583579 if you get the answerphone please leave a message and we will call you back.

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